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Khurshid-uz-Zaman Khushhali
President (TRSF)

Road Traffic System, over the years has grown into one of the most complex and the most crucial systems in the world. On the one hand, development in Road Traffic/Public Transportation System has facilitated the general public in their day to day activities but on the other hand, numerous precious lives are being lost because of the ingrain hazards in shape of road accidents linked to road traffic.

Research has led to the conclusion that most of the accidents are caused by bad habits developed by drivers and inability of the government as well as traffic laws enforcement agencies to change this trend through enforcement only.

As in most of the developing countries road traffic accidents in Pakistan is also a neglected sector and because of inaptness of the government thousands of people die each year in road accidents in all over Pakistan and many more are crippled thus causing billions of the dollars in loss on account of road accident.

Accident figures are available with traffic laws enforcement agencies, so are challan figures but there is nothing available on road safety nor the government has any long term plan to address the concept of road safety. I have been affiliated with Traffic Police for the last 30 years but I have yet to see a comprehensive project on road safety and awareness launched by the government for its allied departments. Many more people would have died in road accidents in Pakistan while reading this message.
I believe that only the government or its relevant departments are not responsible solely but it the collective responsibility of the civil society to join hands to improve road safety standards in Pakistan so that precious human lives may be saved. I invite all and sundry including government authorities to join hand in this noble cause and help Transport and Road Safety Foundation to build a safer Pakistan.

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